Giving them a better life.



Our Goal


To provide an exceptional experience for your clients and the best treatment for your patients. We will utilize a variety of treatment modalities in order to optimize recovery, relieve discomfort, achieve optimal performance, and improve quality of life. 


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Love them... they are the best... know what they are doing... that is all.”
— Wanda Wade
I am SO happy Animal Hospital referred Nicholas to Animal Rehab & Wellness Center. He is making amazing progress with the help of an awesome team. I can’t thank you enough for the therapy, support and love you all give to Nicholas!!”
— Kristi Hazelwood
Everyone was just really great. They made me feel really comfortable and my dog seemed to be very relaxed. Love all the smiles the dogs get.”
— Lori Crowl
Snowball, our 17 year old Siamese, suffered an injury to his leg and had limited use of it, so he began treatment at the Animal Rehab & Wellness Center. All of his therapy was done on his terms beginning with getting out of his crate. Snowball was never forced to do any of the exercises or therapies. He was given the option of participating and he usually chose to do the activity. That was important to me. If he did not want to do a particular therapy, a different activity was done. Snowball went over cavalettis, balanced on balance balls and boards, walked on a treadmill, and sat quietly for acupuncture and laser therapy (which seemed to be his favorite). Therapy improved his overall quality of life, he became more active and social at home.”
— Megan Judge
You have an amazing facility! Everyone there is so nice.”
— Jeremy Judge
You ALL are doing such an AWESOME job with Storm! I thought I might have to put him down, which would have killed ME... but giving him a chance with MUCH encouragement, and positive feedback, and the WONDERFUL care you gave him, he is doing GREAT....and a VERY different dog than he was several weeks ago. THANK YOU for the FANTASTIC job ALL of you have done in helping this part of our family come back from tragedy.”
— Holly Forehand
Love you guys!!! Turned my Fiona into a rock star!!!”
— Chris Chattman
“My Great Dane Angus has made great improvement with a program Robin designed for him for his hip dysplasia and back problems. She keeps him happy and entertained while exercising and strengthening his hind end. The underwater treadmill is the Bomb and the laser has helped immensely with pain control. Angus is always very excited to arrive at his “playtime” with Robin. Thanks for helping my boy have fun again!”
— Lois Ann Gavin